VT Chassis is the name of a specially built chassis for a Crush Gear that appears exclusively in Crush Gear Turbo. It is a powerful chassis that has the ability to shift the Gear's battery box either to its front or back. It is an abbreviation of Variable Transmuting Chassis.



A Crush Gear equipped with VT Chassis has the ability to change its weight balance by sliding its battery box either to the back or front. This enhances the Gear’s performance for both dash and spin attacks, depending on which direction the battery box is shifted. If the box is shifted forwards, the chassis gives an incredible boost of speed. Thus, the Gear possesses the qualities of a dash-type Crush Gear. In contrast, the chassis gives a high-speed spin if the battery box is shifted backwards, and the Gear possesses the qualities of a spin-type Crush Gear.

The construction of VT Chassis reinforces both dash and spin properties so that its performance is several times greater than a normal Gear in terms of speed and power. It is an innovation in Crush Gear technology, succeeded in broadening a range of tactics in a conventional Gear Fight.


VTC plan2
VTC plan

The leaked VT Chassis blueprint

The first Crush Gear which is presented with VT Chassis is Gaiki, a Crush Gear owned by Takeshi. The chassis is made with the strongest and lightest material, and is also contributes to Gaiki’s powerful attacks. The design plan for VT Chassis is considered as a secret by the Manganji Group.

Kyousuke designed the VT Chassis for Garuda Phoenix based on the original design of the chassis. While completing the chassis, he implemented the knowledge he had by combining the data obtained when he was in the Manganji Laboratory and his experiences in Gear Fighting.

Shortly before the Asia Cup, the blueprint for the VT Chassis is leaked onto the GFA website. The design plans for the chassis is different from those from the Manganji Group and Kyousuke. The plans have a simpler design and are cheaper to make, making it available to anybody who wishes to make a Crush Gear with the said chassis. The source of the blueprint data is found in a server located in a hotel in Singapore, in which Takeshi manages to find during the Asia Cup.