Tiger Flare
Tiger Flare
First appearance Aratanaru Raibaru Wang Hu! (GCGT)
Giafaito Kinshirei (CGN)
Entry number CCGA-005-SHT-02TF
Attribute(s) Flame
Used by Lan Fang (GCGT)
Technical Information
Length 162.3 mm
Breadth 115.2 mm
Height 65.9 mm
Weight 151 g
Cowl material CFRP
Motor type CGM-001-N
Motor revolutions 15330 rpm
Main weapon Huoyanren
VT Chassis Yes

Tiger Flare is a Crush Gear owned by Lan Fang, one of the members of the Si Xing Hu Tuan team in Crush Gear Turbo. The Gear was (unintentionally) destroyed by Dino Phalanx after the 5 second countdown in Round 2 of her match against Kyousuke Jin. It also appears in the ninth episode of Crush Gear Nitro as a gift from the series' main characters to their class teacher, Ms. Funaki.