Team Griffon
Team Griffon
Chīmu Gurifon
Origin Japan
First appearance Tobe! Garudaīguru!!
Tournaments entered Illusion Cup
Asia Cup
Mitsuki Ohmori
Kazuya Shishigawa
Hiroshi Washida
Takeru Nueno *
Kouji Sagisawa *
Former members
Kyousuke Jin
Kuroudo Marume
* Character by notation only

Team Griffon is a Crush Gear team from Japan. The team's notable current members are Mitsuki Ohmori, Kazuya Shishigawa and Hiroshi Washida; with Mitsuki being its leader.


Team Griffon is a team where Kyousuke and Kuroudo once became its members. Both of them were the successful members of the team and were known as “the Dynamic Duo” for their collaboration and performance in Gear Fighting. An incident involving a microchip caused them to be apart and quit from Gear Fighting, with Kuroudo leaving the team two weeks before Kyousuke. For months the other members tried hard to persuade them to return to the team, but to no avail.

Later, the team is led by Mitsuki as the captain of the remaining members. Team Griffon has encountered against the Tobita Club during the Illusion Cup finals where they meet with Kyousuke and Kuroudo, which is now in the latter team. The team also takes part in the Asia Cup, but they are eliminated during their match against the Si Xing Hu Tuan.

Team Griffon is affiliated with its European counterpart, the Euro Griffon. After their loss in the Asia Cup, the team takes Gallen Connellheim from the Euro Griffon as their new coach. However, his training methods push the team members too hard that they could not put up with joining the team. In order to save Team Griffon from being ruined, Kyousuke and Kuroudo support their old comrades and joins in a Gear Fight against Gallen. In episode 66, the team can also be seen as one of the spectators of the World Cup finals showing their support to Kouya


  • It is revealed by Mitsuki in episode 20 that the team was once lead by Kuroudo when he (sarcastically) called the latter captain
  • The team’s name takes its name from gryphon/griffin, a mythical creature which consists of a lion with wings.
    • The team’s name is mistakenly referred as the Green Four Team in the early episodes of the English dub of Crush Gear Turbo.