Takeshi Kouda is a rival of Masaru Mahha. His Crush Gear is Iron Wolf, and later on in the series, Wild Iron Wolf. Despite sharing the same given name with another character from Crush Gear Turbo, the two characters have a different background and personalities.


Kouda is shown to have purple eyes and dark green ankle-length hair which is tied into a ponytail and his bangs swept to the right. His usual outfit in the anime is a cowboy attire that consists of a brown wide-brimmed hat, a maroon cape with a golden button and a purple turtleneck shirt that is untucked on his left. Kouda has a large maroon belt which is worn slanted and has a pouch to store his Gear. He also wears a pair of olive pants and brown knee-length boots with golden spurs. When he is doing odd jobs, Kouda is seen wearing the uniform corresponding to his work.

In the manga, Kouda's outfit still retains the cowboy theme but some of the outfit's aspects differ from the anime, such as the design of his cape. He is also seen dragging around a coffin filled with defeated Gears with him.



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