TB is a friend of Masaru Mahha and a former member of ZET, a Crush Gear organization. He is also a younger brother of ZD. TB's Crush Gear is Thunder Breaker, which is upgraded to Super Thunder Breaker later on in the series.

In episode 29, his real name is revealed as Stevie Esplendorosso.


TB is shown to have light blue eyes and short blond hair with spiky ends. His usual outfit consists a violet jacket with letter 'T's of lighter shade at the back and both sides at the front, as well as a blue and white striped shirt underneath. He has a pink belt that has a pouch at the back with a white letter 'T' on it which is used for storing his Gear. TB also wears a pair of light violet pants with purple stripes and dark purple shoes.




  • In episode 4 where he becomes Masaru's new classmate, the teacher (Ms. Funaki) mistakes his name for the abbreviation of a type of pulmonary disease i.e. tuberculosis.