Si Xing Hu Tuan
Si Xing Hu Tuan
Origin China
First appearance Aratanaru Raibaru Wang Hu!
Tournaments entered Asia Cup
World Cup
Wang Hu
Lan Fang
Ma Liang
Li Chun
Former members
Ming Wu (blacklisted from participating any Crush Gear tournament since Episode 61 and thus, removing him from the team)

The Si Xing Hu Tuan (Four Stars Team in the English dub) is a Crush Gear team from China. Its members consist of Wang Hu, Lan Fang, Ma Liang, Li Chun and Ming Wu.


The Si Xing Hu Tuan is a Crush Gear Team formed by Ming Wu and his students, Wang Hu, Lan Fang, Li Chun, and its leader, Ma Liang.

They are known as the rivals of the Tobita Club throughout the World Cup and after the Asia Cup, apart from the Manganji Dreams. Three of it's members (consisting of Lan Fang, Li Chun & Ma Liang) later turned against their leader after knowing of his true intentions for his desire for revenge after seeing he installed an illegal modification inside Tigeraid during the World Cup finals against Kouya (resulted with Ming Wu receiving an eternal ban in participating in all Crush Gear events for his crimes).


  • Just like the Tobita Club, Manganji Dreams, Team Griffon,and Burning Octopus, the Si Xing Hu Tuan have an animal as their emblem/representation, a tiger. The former four teams are an eagle (a phoenix later in the series), a dragon, a lion and an octopus respectively
  • Throught the anime, their team name is spelled out as one word (i.e. Sixinghutuan)
  • Despite 5 members in total, the four stars team would most likely be based on the fact that they are representing the Chinese National Flag. Four participants (Wang Hu, Lan Fang, Li Chun & Ma Liang) would represents the four small stars that surround the large star on the Chinese flag. Ming Wu would most likely represent the large star on the Chinese flag implying he's the main leader of the team but does not participate actively in gear fights (implying why it's called the four stars team because 4 of his gear fighters take part in their battles in the ring).
  • Ming Wu acts as similar to that of John Kreese the main antagonist from the Karate Kid films. He doesn't tolerate failure, would try win by foul play (such as installing secret weapons in Tigeraid. The fact remained oblivious to Wang-Hu) accept defeat or allow any mercy to their opponents just like Kreese.