Shooting Mirage
Shooting Mirage
First appearance Yonninme no Faitā
Entry number JCGA-O05-TBC-04SM
Attribute(s) Thunder
Special attack(s) Lightning Flash
Spinning Tornado
Big Bang Tornado
Used by Kuroudo Marume
Technical Information
Length 146.0 mm
Breadth 85.1 mm
Height 61.1 mm
Weight 133 g
Cowl material CFRP
Motor type CGM-001-N
Motor revolutions 15330 rpm
Main weapon Tornado Drill
VT Chassis No

Shooting Mirage is a Crush Gear owned by Kuroudo Marume.


Although Shooting Mirage is not really owned by Kuroudo at first, it has a special meaning for him since he had several fond memories of it. During Kuroudo's life in France, Ritchie threatened to take over the courtyard which was the playground for Kuroudo and his friends. They are challenged to have a Gear Fight with Ritchie. Kuroudo and his friends bought Shooting Mirage from a dealer who claimed that it survived in the Hindenburg incident and the sinking of Titanic. The Gear was dusty and without wheels when they purchased it. Kuroudo and his friends cleaned Shooting Mirage and created a set of wooden wheels for the Gear. Through the unwavering faith of his friends, he won the battle against Ritchie.

Kuroudo decides to not having his Gear to be equipped with VT Chassis for the Asia Cup, because he thinks that his Gear would be better off with the ordinary chassis. Throughout the Asia Cup, Shooting Mirage could keep up against its opponents such as Ma Liang's Tiger Commander. However, Kuroudo decides to equip the VT Chassis with his Gear, which makes him to build Shooting Phantom together with Kyousuke.


  • Shooting Mirage is one of the two Crush Gears of the Tobita Club that are not equipped with VT Chassis, with the other one being Garuda Eagle.
  • The Gear is also known for its compatibility of special types, namely the microchip (which led to Kuroudo's spat with Kyousuke when they were in Team Griffon) and the wooden wheels.
  • Shooting Mirage's design is loosely based on a Formula One car.