Raging Bullet
Raging Bullet
First appearance Wārudokappu Aratanaru Tatakai!
Entry number JCGA-005-TBC-02RT
Attribute(s) Ground
Special attack(s) Hurricane Crush
Great Hurricane Crush
Grand Slam Hammer
Spin Trick Screw
Double Twister Hammer (paired with Garuda Phoenix)
Hyper Rolling Attack (Grand Duo settings)
Graviton Buster
Used by Jirou Oriza
Created by Jirou Oriza
Alex Borg
Technical Information
Length 143.0 mm
Breadth 108.0 mm
Height 66.0 mm
Weight 108 g
Cowl material CFRP
Motor type CGM-001-N
Motor revolutions 15000 rpm
Main weapon Lift
Quake Horn
VT Chassis Yes

Raging Bullet is a Crush Gear owned by Jirou Oriza, and was made by him and Alex Borg.


The design is similar to Raging Bull, however it has several special features including a setting type called the Grand Duo.