Raging Bull
Raging Bull
First appearance Anpan Faitā o Sagase!
Entry number JCGA-O05-TBC-02RB
Attribute(s) Ground
Special attack(s) Hurricane Crush
Used by Jirou Oriza
Created by Alex Borg
Technical Information
Length 149.9 mm
Breadth 84.6 mm
Height 58.2 mm
Weight 142 g
Cowl material CFRP
Motor type CGM-001-N
Motor revolutions 15330 rpm
Main weapon Rumble Horn
VT Chassis Yes (since the Asia Cup)

Raging Bull is a Crush Gear owned by Jirou Oriza and created by Alex Borg.


Raging Bull was constructed by Alex as a gift to Jirou for his flourishing talent in Gear Fighting. It is a fairly strong Gear with the power of a spin-type Crush Gear. Jirou’s style of releasing Raging Bull into the Crush Gear ring is inspired from his pitching skills during his involvement in baseball.

Raging Bull's chassis is upgraded to VT Chassis by Kyousuke after its design plan is leaked over the Internet. During the Asia Cup, the Gear is equipped with Beetle Dash wheels, a set of wheels created by Kyousuke that enhances its performance during a game against the Kemenangan Team. Raging Bull's internal design was destroyed by explosion due to overheating in an exhibition match against Brad Fincher.

From the start of the World Cup arc of the series, Jirou begins using Raging Bullet for the World Cup instead.
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