Natsumi Maeda is a friend of Masaru Mahha and the class chairperson at school. She is also the love interest of Hidetoshi Okita in the earlier episodes of Crush Gear Nitro. Natsumi does not using any Crush Gears throughout the course of the series, but in episode 38 she is seen using Mach Justice Sonic when Kouda teaches her on Gear Fighting.


Natsumi is shown to have brown hair and eyes. Her hair is kept short and is spiked sideways at her back, and her bangs are swept to her right. Natsumi's usual outfit consists of a yellow headband with blue circular ends, a green short-sleeved mini dress with a blue ribbon tied around her waist, pink leggings and a pair of red boots.


She is really kind and even help Masaru cleaning the Crush Kid store