Mighty Gears
Mighty Gears
Origin Japan
First appearance Jirou no Furukizu
Tournaments entered Manganji Cup
Hokkaido Cup
Buthokan Cup
Hiroomi Taki
Kishin Okawa
Eddie Kobayashi
Satoru Todoroki
Former members

The Mighty Gears is a Crush Gear team from Japan. The team consists of professional players of different sports. Its members are Hiroomi Taki, Kishin Okawa, Eddie Kobayashi and Satoru Todoroki.


The Mighty Gears is one of divisions of the Manganji Club. The team was specifically formed from Gear Fighters that excel in their respective field of sport. The design of Crush Gears owned by the team members are based on the respective sport involved by each of the members. For instance, Kishin is a champion in junior shogi (Japanese chess) tournament, and his Gear, Hishoukaku is based on the shogi piece. Also, Satoru,a GPX racer and his Crush Gear, Mach Turbo is based on a Formula One race car.

The Mighty Gears is presented for the first time in an exhibition match of the Manganji Cup. All of its members successfully defeats the Tobita Club members (except the match between Satoru and Kouya, where Takeshi interrupts the match), causing Tobita Club to face a humiliating defeat. The Mighty Gears also takes part in other competitions such as the Hokkaido Cup. Later it meets the Tobita Club again during the Buthokan Cup finals for the admission to the Asia Cup.