Manganji Dreams
Manganji Dreams
Origin Japan
First appearance Kaimaku! Ajiakappu
Tournaments entered Hokkaido Cup
Asia Cup
World Cup
Takeshi Manganji
Dan Midou
Rai Shinomiya
Rin Shinomiya
Former members
Kyousuke Jin (temporary)

The Manganji Dreams (also known as the Manganji Dream Team in the English dub) is a Crush Gear team from Japan which is considered as Takeshi's elite gear fighting team as well as the bitter rivals of the Tobita Club. Its members consist of Takeshi Manganji, Dan Midou, Rai Shinomiya and Rin Shinomiya.


The Manganji Dreams is one of division teams of the Manganji Club that is specially formed for competing in international tournaments. The team members receive special training from the Manganji Laboratory.

With the exception of Takeshi, each of Manganji Dreams members has gifted abilities that give them advantage in battles, namely telepathy among the Shinomiya twins and Dan’s analytic skills. They also share several aspects of their outfits, such as red trenchcoats and glasses. The designs of their Gears are based on Takeshi's first Crush Gear, Gougetsu.

The Manganji Dreams is first mentioned in episode 14 of Crush Gear Turbo as a participating team in the Hokkaido Cup, which Takeshi being its notable member and Kyousuke temporarily joins the team. Later in the Asia Cup arc, the Manganji Dreams makes its first appearance as a whole team. During its involvement in the said tournament, the team is placed in Group A and eventually encounters the Masala Kids team during the semifinals. The Manganji Dreams advances to the finals where it pits against the Tobita Club and finally becomes the Asia Cup champion.


  • As the name implies, all of the team members pay homage to their team leader, Takeshi in terms of appearance and Gears.
  • The team name is once misspelled as "Manganji Drreams" with two R's in episode 62.
  • It is unknown of Rai if he was either defeated or forfeited during the World Cup while Rin was defeated by Kuroudo Marume where as Dan was defeated by U-YA who destroyed the former's Gear, Gougetsu Reishiki