Lilika Tobita is the member of the Tobita Club and the club's deputy owner. She is the only daughter of the owner of the club, Takaya Tobita. Since he is overseas, she is left to manage the club instead of him. She also knows Yuhya very well. Lilika does not use any Crush Gears throughout the anime series, but in Gear Champion League she uses Lilika-gia for the in-game training mode.


Lilika is shown to have light brown hair and green eyes. Her waist-length hair is styled into a half-up and is secured with a white hair tie at the back. Her usual outfit consists of a violet cardigan with a white blouse underneath, a knee-length hot pink skirt and a pair of shoes of the matching color.

In her younger self, Lilika was seen wearing a sleeveless light green dress with a darker lining at its edge and a white collar. She also wore a dark green belt, a pair of long white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.



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  • Lilika is the only member of the Tobita Club (prior to the series' timeline) without having an antagonistic role.
    • Kouya's overconfidence is seen in episodes 21 and 22 after he mastered Shining Sword well as lashing out his anger after he learned about his older brother's death from Ming Wu
    • Jirou is often seeing provoking a fistfight.
    • Kyousuke's temper often displays his antagonistic side. It will be remembered at the end of episode 14, he betrayed the Tobita Club by joining Takeshi's team in the Hokkaido Cup.
    • Kuroudo is reluctant to join the Tobita Club in the first few episodes of the series.
    • Kaoru joined the Pink Lips' team after an argument with Kouya in episode 18.