Kaoru Hanano is the manager of the Tobita Club and a schoolmate of Kouya Marino. She joins the club by her own decision. She manages the Tobita Club with Lilika and often provides information on other Gear Fighters during matches to her teammates. Kaoru does not use any Crush Gears throughout the anime series, but in Gear Champion League she uses Kaoru-gia for the in-game training mode.


Kaoru is shown to have dark gray eyes and reddish-brown hair that is tied into a high ponytail. Her usual outfit consists of a green jacket, a lime green shirt with white shirt underneath, a blue miniskirt, a pair of long white socks and orange shoes.

During her involvement in the Pink Lips Team, Kaoru is seen wearing a black leather jacket with a yellow shirt underneath, a black skirt and a pair of boots of the matching color. She also wears a red belt and a necklace with a gold star pendant.


Kaoru is the loyal companion of Kouya prior to his meeting with Jirou.

Similar to Kyousuke, Kaoru is a short tempered person. Her degree of temper is amplified with the tendency to hit her teammates at times, either with her bare hands or with kitchenware. One of the occasions is during the final episode where Kaoru threatens to clobber Jirou, Kyousuke and Kuroudo after seeing Takeshi being emotionally distracted in his final attack against Kouya.


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