Unlike its previous installment, Crush Gear Nitro has its own introductory sequence before the beginning of an episode. Most of the episodes have a narration in the introductory sequence, while some of them lacks of it (see “Episode exceptions” below).


Throughout the course of the series, the narrations are told with the corresponding Japanese text shown on-screen for some narrations. Usually a narration eventually changes to the next after a few episodes (although not in a consecutive order). The contents of the narrations are either poetic-like impressions of Gear Fighting or related to the events surrounding a plot arc in the series.

All of the narrations are voiced by Shinpachi Tsuji, who also provides the voice of Ginjirou Fujiwara.

The footage during the introductory sequence are usually taken from the scenes from previous episodes. Some episodes, such as episodes 6 and 7, share a similar introductory footage.

List of narrationsEdit

First narrationEdit

The first narration appears from episode 2 to episode 10, and is continued in episodes 13 and 14.

Japanese text Romaji text English translation


Sore wa chiwaki niku odoru jiyuu to yakudou no sekai.
Kanashisa ni shizumi kurushisa ni ochikomi,
Ame ni utare, kaze ni fukare,
Zetsubou no gakeppuchi ni tatta to shite mo,
Kokoro o moyasu giafaito ga kitto yuuki o ataete kureru!
Atsumare faita yo, atsuki fiirudo ni!
Kike! Gia no kodou o!
Kore wa kurasshugia o aisuru shounen shoujo-tachi ga kurihirogeru
Tamashii no monogatari de aru.

Gear Fight...
It's a free and dynamic world that boils in the blood and dances in the flesh.
Falls into hardship and sinks in sadness,
Struck in the rain, blown by the wind,
And even stood on the brink of despair,
The heart-burning Gear Fight surely gives us the courage!
Gather the fighters, heat the field!
Listen! The heartbeat of the Gear!
The boys and girls who love Crush Gear will be unfold
It is a story of souls.

Second narration (Gear Koshien)Edit

The second narration appears in episodes 11 and 12, where its narration is related to Gear Koshien.

Third narrationEdit

The third narration appears from episode 16 to episode 19, and is continued in episodes 21 and 26.

Japanese text Romaji text English translation

はじける熱、 沸騰する心、たぎる命。

Kodomodachi o yusaburu tamashii no kodou.
Hajikeru netsu, futtou suru kokoro, tagiru inochi.
Butsukari ai tobichiru honoo no hana.
Kanashimi no naka de kirameku tanoshisa no hikari.
Nagareru ase to namida, soshite saikou no egao.
Tatakau shounen shoujo-tachi o musubu jounetsu no arashi!

Gear Fight,
Shaking the children with the beat of the soul.
Gear Fight,
Heat bursting, mind boiling, life quenching.
Gear Fight,
Colliding scattered flowers of flame.
Gear Fight,
Sparkling the light of fun in sorrow.
Gear Fight,
Flowing sweat and tears, and the best smile.
Gear Fight,
The storm of passion that connects boys and girls to fight!

Gear Fight World Championship narrationsEdit

Other narrationsEdit

Episodes 23, 24 and 25 do not have any of the stock narration as the above. Instead the narration explains the events that happened during the previous episode.

Episode 35 narrationEdit

See the "Narration" section of the 35th episode for more details.

Featured charactersEdit

See also: Introductory sequence/Featured characters

Episode exceptionsEdit

Episodes 1, 15, 20, 22, 33, 39, 43 and 50 have the introduction sequence omitted, mostly due to giving way to the episodes' storylines.

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