Hidetoshi Okita is a friend and also a rival of Masaru Mahha. His Crush Gear is Wingraptor, and later on in the series, Wingraptor X. In episode 2 he is seen using Storm Rider during an exhibition match held at the Sanama building.

Hidetoshi is also called as Hide (ヒデ) throughout the course of Crush Gear Nitro. It should be noted, however, that the pronounciation of his nickname follows the Japanese pronounciation rather than the English word "hide".


Hidetoshi is shown to have dark eyes and light brown hair which is spiked upwards. His usual outfit consists of a chain with a dog tag pendant, a pink sleeveless shirt and a blue vest with ripped sleeves. He also wears a pair of black armbands, light green cargo pants and a pair of black and white sneakers.


Very handsome boy.


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