First appearance Moero! Giafaito Damashii
Used by Takeshi Manganji
Technical Information
VT Chassis No
"Man, that Gougetsu can move"

-Kouya Marino

Gougetsu is a Crush Gear owned by Takeshi Manganji. It is only used in the first episode of Crush Gear Turbo.


In the first episode, Takeshi uses Gougetsu in his battles against Kouya who uses Battlehawk (Tobita Club elimination match) and Garuda Eagle (during the opening ceremony of Manganji Club). Later Takeshi is no longer seen using Gougetsu; instead, he uses Gaiki for the rest of the series.

Gougetsu is a dash type Gear, and it can abruptly change its direction and avoid incoming attacks. Due to its quickness, it is also difficult to be detected by the opponent (except Garuda Eagle, which easily attacks Gougetsu in the first episode).

Gougetsu is served as a model for the Gears used by the Manganji Dreams members, namely Gougetsu Reishiki, Shigetsu and Sougetsu. They are owned by Dan Midou, Rin Shinomiya and Rai Shinomiya respectively. In the video game Gear Champion League, the design of Gougetsu is also used as a model for Tougetsu and Shakugetsu, owned by Manganji Fighters of the Manganji America Lab team.


  • In the first episode of Crush Gear Nitro, Gougetsu is seen displayed on a table in Silver Max along with several other Gears from Crush Gear Turbo.
  • Gougetsu was briefly seen in Crush Gear Turbo: The Movie during Jake's story about his first Gear Fight with Takeshi during the latter's birthday party.