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First appearance Shijō Saikyō no Gia Gaiki
Entry number JCGA-005-MGC-01GK
Attribute(s) Flame
Special attack(s) Haoh Shoryugeki (King of the Dragon Fighters)
Vanishing Counter (manga)
Dragon's Revival (manga)
Used by Takeshi Manganji
Created by Manganji Group
Technical Information
Length 174.2 mm
Breadth 115.2 mm
Height 61.8 mm
Weight 148 g
Cowl material CFRP
Motor type CGM-001-N
Motor revolutions 15330 rpm
Main weapon Bakuryusou
VT Chassis Yes

Gaiki is a Crush Gear owned by Takeshi Manganji, and was made and designed by the Manganji Group. It is the strongest Gear of the series prior to the creation of Garuda Phoenix. Gaiki is used for the first time in the Manganji Cup.


The development of Gaiki lasts for ten years and costs 80 billion yen to make, under the codename “Code RG”. It was completed just before the Manganji Cup. It is the first Gear in Crush Gear Turbo that is equipped with VT Chassis, a powerful chassis that has the ability to shift the Gear's battery box either to its front or back. Gaiki is said to be a revolution in Crush Gear technology, and is also described as “the perfect Gear” that is made.

Takeshi uses Gaiki for the first time in a special exhibition match of Manganji Cup against Kouya's Garuda Eagle. Garuda Eagle had no chance against Gaiki since the latter is more powerful. This causes Garuda Eagle to be badly damaged from the battle and Kouya having an embarassing defeat. In episode 14 of the series, he uses Gaiki's special attack, King of the Dragon Fighters for the first time against his opponent Daisuke Sasaki.


  • Gaiki (鎧輝) means "shining armor" in Japanese.
  • The exterior design of Takeshi's jetski (in the movie) and the spacecraft at the end of the final episode are inspired by Gaiki.
  • Gaiki is known as Iron Shark in the Korean dub of Crush Gear Turbo.
  • In Crush Gear Nitro, an image of Gaiki can be seen behind the counter in Silver Max, a Crush Gear shop owned by Ginjirou Fujiwara.
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