Eddie Kobayashi is a member of the Mighty Gears team and a rival of Kuroudo Marume. He is also a champion in Japanese junior nine-ball. His Gear is Break Nine, and in the Playstation 1 game, Breakvern.


Eddie is shown to have green eyes and brown hair that is tied into a short ponytail. His usual outfit consists of a white shirt, a black bowtie, a maroon vest, black pants and a pair of brown shoes. From episode 55 onwards, his outfit is changed to a dark gray suit with a matching hat, a red tie and black shoes.


Eddie is shown to be a cunning Gear Fighter. His amateurish looks can be deceiving for his opponents, since he hides his true abilities until his opponents realize who he really is. His ambitious pursuit for victory is evident when he tells Kuroudo about it by using hunger as an analogy for losing.


Before his involvement in regular tournaments, Eddie used to become an underground Gear Fighter who competed in illegal games under the alias "Fast Eddie". Some time later, he becomes one of the members of the Mighty Gears team. In the Manganji cup, he battles Kuroudo Marume, and defeats him with little effort.

He battles Kuroudo for the second time, Kuroudo goes on to defeat him in the third round after discovering the weak spot of eddie's gear, after the match he gives Takeshi back his gear and goes back to playing snooker

Eddie serves as an informer and undercover spy to Takeshi during the World Cup arc. In the tournament's second stage, Kouya is blackmailed by Ming Wu due to his participation in Gear Pancratum. Unknown to Ming Wu, Eddie had overheard his conversation, and the next day after Kouya's match, Eddie goes among a group of reporters who are covering Ming Wu's allegation towards Kouya. He bumps into Ming Wu and secretly swaps his memory card to the one filled with pictures of panda bears. This leads Ming Wu to be in complete disbelief when he is about to provide the evidence to Gina. He later hands over the evidence to Takeshi (who later requests Gina to erase the evidence clearing Kouya's name) leaving Kuroudo to confront him on why he did this.


  • Eddie's physical appearance resembles that of Chang Wufei from Gundam Wing.
  • Eddie is the only Mighty Gears member that appears in the manga.