A Crush Gear team is an association which aim is to gather people who are enthusiastic on Gear Fighting access to the arenas and entering tournaments to compete against each other. The involvement of Crush Gear teams are prevalent in Crush Gear Turbo, where the tournaments in the series mostly requires team participation. However the involvement of teams are less important in Crush Gear Nitro, since the participation of teams are only limited for Gear Koshien.


The Crush Gear teams are usually registered under the worldwide association, the Gear Fight Association (GFA) through national associations, such as the Japanese Federation Gear Association to participate in tournaments. A team that compete in the tournaments may have its own team emblem and uniform to show its identity.

To enter the tournament, a team is required to have at least three members (four in the Tobita Club's case). Larger teams may break the team to smaller teams for better Gear Fighters. An example of this is the Manganji Club, which splits the team into its smaller divisions, Manganji Dreams and Mighty Gears.

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Crush Gear TurboEdit

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