Central Club
Central Club
Origin Japan
First appearance Gia o Kaketa Faito
Tournaments entered Japan Cup
Buthokan Cup
Nobiru Koike
Chota Aida
Futoshi Harano
Former members

The Central Club is a Crush Gear team from central Japan. It first appears in episode 6 of Crush Gear Turbo and during the semifinals of the Buthokan Cup. Its members are Nobiru Koike, Chota Aida and Futoshi Harano.


The Central Club had played all of the games in central and western Japan, and they won fifty games without losing at all. They also had been in top ten teams and were nominated for the national Gear Fighting team.

The Central Club is first encountered by the Tobita Club in episode 6. Initially the former club goes to the city to challenge Takeshi, but its members are eventually redirected to the Tobita Clubhouse by Kaoru after they help her. Kouya, not knowing of the real identity of the Central Club members, offers them for membership with the condition that they clean the clubhouse and even states that his Garuda Eagle is superior than their Gears. Consequently, he accepts their challenge which puts the Tobita Club at risk.