Burning Octopus
Burning Octopus
Origin Japan
First appearance Takoyaki Batoruroiyaru!
Tournaments entered Hokkaido Cup
Illusion Cup
Takoyama brothers
(Tarou, Jirou, Saburou and Shirou Takoyama)
Former members

The Burning Octopus is a Crush Gear team from the Kansai region of Japan. Its members consists entirely of the Takoyama brothers, which are Tarou Takoyama, Jirou Takoyama, Saburou Takoyama and Shirou Takoyama.


Aside from the above mentioned, the team is also known for cheating by "duplicating" their Crush Gears during the battle royale match against the Tobita Club in the latter's clubhouse. They faced them again in the Illusion Cup semifinals but was unfortunately defeated.


Despite bullying the Tobita Club, they even shown concern towards the team, especially to Kouya when he got stuck by a pile of discarded circus props while practicing. Three of the quadruplets found Garuda Eagle with a note signalling for help (which Kouya literally wrote SOS on it) and saved the Tobita Club's captain.