Break Nine
Break Nine
First appearance Shōri e no Shūnen
Entry number JCCA-005-MTG-03BN
Attribute(s) Fire
Special attack(s) Bit Viper Attack
Used by Eddie Kobayashi
Technical Information
Length 100.0 mm
Breadth 91.8 mm
Height 91.2 mm
Weight 154 g
Cowl material CFRP
Motor type CGM-001-N
Motor revolutions 15330 rpm
Main weapon N/A
VT Chassis No

Break Nine is a Crush Gear owned by Eddie Kobayashi, one of the members of the Mighty Gears team.


Unlike most Crush Gears, Break Nine has a unique design. It is spherical in shape and its exterior design is similar to a billiard ball. Its wheels will retract automatically when it is in the air, turning it into a perfect sphere.

Break Nine has an excellent combination of attack and defense. It utilizes the energy from the opponent Gear’s attack and uses it for retaliation. The stronger the attack towards the Gear, the counter-attack used by it will be stronger, making it unbeatable. It is equipped with a silencer to disguise the Gear noise, causing its weak spot to be gone unnoticed by the opponent until the last minute.

Break Nine is first used in the Manganji Cup during Eddie's match against Kuroudo. The Gear defeats Shooting Mirage in all three rounds (except the second round which ended in a draw since the latter was thrown out after the time expired), but Break Nine's weak spot is discovered by Kuroudo near the end of the third round when Shooting Mirage hits it at its top. During the Buthokan Cup match between Eddie and Kuroudo, Shooting Mirage creates a spot near Break Nine's weak point - its center. The latter's special move, Bit Viper Attack is used during the third round of the match although the Gear is eventually defeated after Kuroudo figures out its movement and the two spots on it (one is created by Shooting Mirage, while another is purposely made by Eddie using a screwdriver). Eddie returns Break Nine to Takeshi after the match by throwing it to him.


  • Despite its name, the number seen on Break Nine's body is 8 instead of 9. Also, its color scheme is based from the billiard ball 1.

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