First appearance Moero! Giafaito Damashii
Used by Kouya Marino
Technical Information
No information available

Battlehawk is a Crush Gear owned by Kouya Marino. It is first used in the elimination match of the Tobita Club in the first episode of Crush Gear Turbo, and is rarely used by Kouya later in the series.


In the first episode, Kouya uses Battlehawk against Takeshi during the elimination match of the Tobita Club. He is not seen using the Gear until episode 7 of the series where it is used against Q, a chimpanzee where Mr. Nagidori insists Kouya to be its coach for a practice match in the zoo.

Battlehawk is briefly appeared in episode 23 where it is given to Kaoru by Mrs Marino to be used by Kouya for the match in Buthokan Cup after Garuda Eagle is destroyed.


  • Battlehawk is seen as a stock Crush Gear throughout the Crush Gear franchise, though it often reappears in different colors and/or weapons.
  • Battlehawk is also seen displayed on a table in Silver Max along with several other Gears from Crush Gear Turbo in the first episode of Crush Gear Nitro.