Ark Cavalier
Ark Cavalier
First appearance Hakai Kikōshi Cain
Entry number GPSF-005-222AC
Attribute(s) Shine
Special attack(s) Shining Smasher
Used by Sukiyaking
Created by Sean Firestone
Technical Information
Length 195.3 mm
Breadth 100.0 mm
Height 45.3 mm
Weight 125 g
Cowl material CFRP
Motor type CGM-003-D
Motor revolutions 14500 rpm
Main weapon Argento Lancer
VT Chassis Yes (special dash type)

Ark Cavalier is a Crush Gear that is created by Sean Firestone. It is used by Sukiyaking, an alias of Kouya Marino during the Gear Pancratum.


  • Ark Cavalier almost bear the same resemblance of Garuda Eagle as seen in episode 50.