Alexander Borg (more commonly known as Alex Borg) is a Gear Master and a former member of the Tobita Club. He is responsible for the creation of Garuda Eagle and also Jirou's Crush Gears, namely Raging Bull and Raging Bullet. Alex's Gear is Beo Fenrer.




Alex used to be a member of the Tobita Club along with Yuhya, Takeshi, Shingo and Lilika. He served as a Gear mechanic for the team. During his involvement in the club, he worked together with Yuhya in creating and designing Garuda Eagle. Alex suggested him to have a new Gear for use in the World Cup after seeing him struggling during Gear practice.

Alex left the Tobita Club after Yuhya passed away. A while after he quit, he went to Brazil after the club owner, Mr. Tobita called him to help Carlos, a young boy who was affected from Yuhya’s death. Mr. Tobita suggested Alex to build another Garuda Eagle for Carlos for it was the only thing that made him happy aside from the picture of Yuhya. Later, Alex gave Garuda Eagle to Carlos and began teaching him on using the Gear including its special attack, Shining Sword Breaker.

Some time later, Alex met Jirou for the first time when both of them were in Canada. At that time Jirou was collecting firewood during a camping trip when a bear was going to attack him. He was saved by Alex's Gear which was thrown to scare the bear away. Since then, Jirou and Alex teamed up and won several Crush Gear tournaments together. As a gift for the former’s flourishing talent in Gear Fighting, Alex gave Raging Bull, a Gear that he created to Jirou.


  • Alex's real given name, Alexander is revealed in episode 38 of the English dub when Lilika reveals his identity as a Gear Master to the other Tobita Club members.